RC Cars – Land Yacht, Surface Sailing, or Sailcar - Whatever You Call it, the Uniqueness and Innovation are Worth Investigating

Radio controlled sailcars are both unique and fun and are a recent addition to what is available in the RC world. Children's all steel pedal cars are also available at amazingtoybox.com.

(PRWEB) May 2, 2005 -- Radio controlled vehicles have become both popular and innovative in the types of vehicles available. The technology and durability that goes into many of them, place them far beyond the category of “toy”. Hence the formation of clubs and associations that have regular meets and weekend competitions. Most of us are already aware of this but few are aware of sail cars. These are three wheeled vehicles with a sail derived from the full sized version where a person rides across the great salt flats of Utah. Powered by the wind and steered by the driver. The fundamental difference is that the RC model is steered by remote control and stands nearly four feet tall. They can be operated anywhere there is a large parking lot such as an empty mall lot. First, it is important to determine who will be the primary user of the car. “ Children can use them, but it is advisable to have adult supervision” says Bill Santo, creator of www.amazingtoybox.com, a new Web site dedicated to unique toys including children’s antique pedal cars. This makes a great family or friend hobby that grows quickly in an area because of its uniqueness. People passing by in cars will stop to watch and ask questions.Of course, something like this is not for the amateur who has never had a radio controlled vehicle before. Someone with experience in the hobby would know if it is truly for them. Considering the potential expense to get started with any radio controlled item warrants proper investigation beforehand. Once you are past this point, operating the sailcar is a lot of fun and it can survive head-on crashes with another because they are designed with breakaway parts that reassemble in seconds. The hull is made of Lexan which is extremely durable. Various options are available to customize your sailcar including the paint job so the price can vary. There are currently clubs that have been formed for this particular hobby which is growing nationwide. Bill Santo is the creator of http://www.amazingtoybox.com. His site offers the sailcar including a video of the car in action. There are also children’s all steel antique pedal cars of the same quality that has been around for decades.

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